Welcome to Double M Wellness, located in Regina, Saskatchewan.

At Double M Wellness, we offer counselling services delivered with compassionate care and insightful guidance. Our mission is to support you on your journey toward holistic well-being, helping you navigate life’s challenges and achieve your personal goals.


Meghan is a dedicated Registered Social Worker with nearly two decades of experience in health-focused settings. Since completing her Bachelor of Social Work in 2006, Meghan has traversed diverse roles, engaging with individuals across various age groups, demographics, and cultural backgrounds.Meghan truly believes we are in control of our own lives, but sometimes we need a little guidance to get to where we want to be. She is authentic and compassionate, using insightful support as she journeys with her clients through a variety of challenges. Meghan’s philosophy acknowledges the significance of our past experiences without allowing them to define our future. She views each life event, whether positive or negative, as a building block shaping our present selves and empowering us to mold our desired tomorrows.

In her practice, Meghan addresses a spectrum of issues including ADHD, relationship dynamics, stress management, family conflicts, depression, and grief. Her comprehensive approach ensures that clients receive tailored support to navigate their unique circumstances effectively.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Meghan finds comfort in her roots. A proud native of Regina, she cherishes her roles as a spouse and mother to two children. An avid lover of the outdoors, Meghan embraces the tranquility of camping during the summer months.

Rest assured, Meghan is a trusted ally on your journey toward holistic well-being. As a Registered Social Worker with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers (Registration #2014), she upholds the highest standards of ethical practice and commitment to client welfare. Allow Meghan to support you towards a brighter, more fulfilling tomorrow at Double M Wellness.




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